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Why hire a Network Real Estate Group broker?

Simply describing what we do at Network Real Estate Group; is to identify our client’s needs, utilize this information in determining their goals to create the action plan, provide a consultation to the client on how we will succeed in meeting their expectations.

We provide a service that has taken many years to develop the specialized skills required in being successful at acquisitions, dispositions and leasing. Maximizing real estate asset value is our core competency and requires market knowledge and fine-tuned negotiation skills. Where the financial stakes are high, we are here to insure they work in your favor. Outsourcing this responsibility to one of our brokers will alleviate a complex and time consuming task that is fraught with pitfalls.

Our obligation to you is to make this process as seamless and transparent as possible to allow you to focus on your business without interruption. We present our research and findings to you in a cohesive and sensible manner so that you can make informed decisions.

Contact Network Real Estate Group today to learn more about our Landlord Representation Program. Partner with us by calling 262-649-9695 or email to learn more.

We offer our client’s various levels of service from Full Service with Bill Payment, A la carte Services or Project Service per bid and approved by Owner.

Partner with Network Real Estate Group: 262-649-9695 or email: for more information.

Commercial Tenant Representation Services

As a tenant in today’s market, it is crucial to partner with someone who will navigate you through the complexities and strategic decision making needed to succeed in leasing space for your growing business. Network Real Estate Group helps tenants identify and align business, financial and operational objectives with real estate requirements. We work with tenants looing for new space or who are reviewing their current lease situation. We guide you through the process from creating a criteria list for site selections to move-in day. Network Real Estate Group provides a wide array of tenant services including:

  • Analyze current leased space and/or create long term growth plan
  • Criteria Review for Site Selections
  • Creative Market Search and Property Tours
  • Space Planning
  • Review of Lease Terms and Lease Negotiation
  • Guidance through permit process and tenant improvements
  • Mediating relationship with Landlords
  • Manage transition cycle through move-in

Network Real Estate Group works with single tenants to large companies with multiple locations. Partner with us by calling 262-649-9695 or email to learn more.

Commercial Landlord Representation Services

We understand what is important to you as a landlord and work with landlords all over the country to maximize revenue/profit from their real estate investment through our attention to detail and superior customer service. We offer various services to our clients including:

  • Analyze available space within surrounding market
    • Create Market Comparison to detail how to set the property apart from similar properties.
    • Examine client financial projections and expectations of the property.
    • Present initial Marketing Plan for the space (may require follow-up meeting)
    • Customized from the Strategy Meeting-Network Real Estate Group uses the following outlets to promote the property.
Utilize existing tenant relationships as potential lease for additional locations.
  • Support leasing efforts by showcasing the benefits of the building and the adjacent tenants
  • Directly communicate with brokers locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Create marketing materials specific to the property-brochures, web site additions, signs, E-mail blasts.
  • Provide Landlord with Activity Reports frequently.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work